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We offer a wide range of products designed to help you accomplish all your financial goals.

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    Asset Savings Account

    This Savings product gives you the advantage of a highly competitive interest rate and easy access to your funds without forfeiture of interest when making withdrawals. The account may be owned by an individual, organization or association.

    Features :
    - Minimum opening balance of N1,000
    - Flexible operating conditions apply – daily and weekly
    - Interest rate is 5% per annum
    - Interest applicable if withdrawal does not exceed twice a month
    - It accommodates both micro clients and commercial clients
    - Debit Card issuance
    - Deposit can be made through our various online payment platforms
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    My Target Savings

    This product is meant to encourage the savings habit of prospective and existing clients who are willing to cultivate a healthy savings culture and at the same time earn a higher returns on investment. Customers also stand the chance to win prizes for being part of the savings scheme. They save as they want but must make sure the monthly savings target is met to quality for the yearly draw to be determined at a set date.

    Features :
    - Clients can have multiple account (No restriction on the number of accounts a client can have) i.e. they can open for all their family members
    - Clients pick an amount range to determine their monthly savings target i.e. N1,000, N2,000, N5,000 or N10,000
    - Competitive interest rate of 8% pa
    - No maintenance charge on savings
    - Qualifies them to win gift prizes
    - Can be used as cash collateral
    - Can be used to off-set loans at final repayment stage
    - Encourages savings habit
    - Deposit can be made through our various online payment platforms
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